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Say Goodbye to  Photo Chaos
Hello to Organized Memories

Remizy makes it simple to arrange your images and videos by the memories they contain.

This makes it easier to find a complete collection of your old memories

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What We Offer

It is human nature to hold onto memories. We enjoy sharing them with our loved ones and even creating new ones. But it's easy to lose these precious moments in a multitude of pictures and videos, so we created a new way to organize them all in one place.


Presenting Remizy. A photo organizer so simple that even Grandma can use it. All you need to do is put photos and videos of your memory into a folder and we'll sort them according to the memories they hold. 

Searching through the piles of digital data would be a thing of the past because now all your memories live together in one place, making it an effortless journey down memory lane when you're reminiscing about those special moments.

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What Remizy Do
Why we need a memory organizer

Why do we need a
Memory Organizer

20 years later, when you are looking for photos of your child's birth or photos of your wedding, you will have to spend a lot of effort to find them in thousands of other photos you have clicked over the years. What if you couldn't find one important photo while looking out for them?

Wouldn't it be great to store all of these sources in one place instead of bouncing back and forth between different apps?

Try Remizy and you would be given a chance to experience that moment again. We want you to think about it as memories you once had but didn't know you had forgotten.


Product Features

Easily Organize Memories


  • Folder Based Approach

  • You just need to create folder of your memory and copy digital data into it.

Graphic Representation of Memories

Visualize your Life through our beautiful Graphics

  • Our AI will automatically organize and create a beautiful graphical timeline of your life based on your memory folders.

Find Important Memories Easily

Search your
Important Memories Easily

  • Find all the digital data of your memory at single place.

Securely Store Digital Data

Smart & Secured Storage over Cloud

  • Data is secured with top cloud providers.

  • Data is well organized at single place, so you don't need to look elsewhere.

“I'm a food vlogger. I usually take lot of pictures of the food which I review. I have problem of finding particular photo if i go through my list of photos which took after few months. This idea seems helpful for me to collect them according to restaurant I visited to find it later easily. Really looking forward to use it..”


“I am a father of a new born baby. We had lot of pictures and videos recorded when he was born. This concept seems to allow me to club all my digital data of that day together easily. I can use it to show my son all the memories of birth when he is grown up.



"I am struggling to find all my marriage photos and videos quickly. I need to look for them in different hard drives or phones to combine them. This product will help me storing all of them together to find them easily. Would love to use it."


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Building Remizy
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